NaeemAsghariDate of birth: (05/February/1959)

Mr.Naeem Asghari is one of the founding members of Free & Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA) since its establishment. He works currently as FEFA’s Program Manager. He works as Senior Management Coordinator since June, 2007 up to December, 2008 and as Executive Director for FEFA since May, 2005 up to end of April, 2007.

Mr.Asghari graduated from polytechnic Institute of Kabul in 1982 & did his MSc engineering diploma in 1983-1985.

Mr. Asghari was lecturer & instructor in Engineering Faculty of Nangarhar & Kabul university sine 1982 up to 1990.

Mr.Asghari worked with deferent Afghan local & international NGO’s. He started his work with save the children UK as a master trainer and training officer from 1999 up to 2001 after that he joint with Afghan Women’s’ Network (AWN) as a training coordinator and capacity building manager from May 2002 up to April 2005.

Mr.Asghari participates in deferent national and international conferences, seminars and electoral related missions. He participates as a representative of Afghan immigrants teachers from Pakistan in first civil society conference in Kabul on 2002. He was part of an election observation mission team of FEFA’s founding members for Philippine’s presidential & parliamentary election observation on May 2004. He also represents FEFA in Asian countries domestic observers’ forum on “Money & politics” conference which was hold on 22-24 April 2006 in Jakarta of Indonesia. He was as international observer, part of ANFREL mission for monitoring Bangladesh Parliamentary election on 21st December, 08 up to 1st Jan, 09.He was participating in PTV (parallel vote tabulation) or (quick count) workshop in May 2009 in Jakarta Indonesia. He was part of electoral reform team for study tour in South Africa in February, 2011. He is one of the funding members of newly established electoral reform forum. He was as international observer, part of ANFREL mission to observe Thailand 2010 House of Representatives election from June 22nd to July 5th.